Powered by Pleasure: Learn to Use Your Magnetic Energy to Create the Results You Want

Affirmations are overrated. If you’re doing “mindset work,” you are still “in your head.” We need to go to the body to make deep, lasting changes. 

No amount of affirmations and positive thinking alone are going to help you feel better on a long-term basis. I tried YEARS of “Mindset” work and still wasn’t as confident, happy and healthy as I wanted to be…. 

I thought confidence, experience, opportunities and outward successes would make me feel good. I spent tens of thousands of dollars spent on personal development and tips and tricks to help me get everything I thought I wanted. I thought that if I could develop a positive and productive mindset and learn the best success strategies, that I would have the energy and drive to accomplish everything I had always desired. 

Is “mindset work” helpful?

Yes. But, it is much easier and faster to “go to the body” to initiate feelings of “feeling good” than trying to talk yourself into feeling good. 

Otherwise, you’re still fighting with your thoughts and getting frustrated when you feel you’re your affirmations aren’t working and motivating yourself to the things you think you should be doing feels like trying to run through mud. 

Finally, I learned how to stop trying so hard and how to go with the flow instead. 

I discovered that feeling energized, motivated, driven, powerful, capable, turned on and alive doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process.  

Everything changed for me when I really understood what it felt like to truly let go of all the constant thinking, worrying, obsessing and trying to control things. 

Now I am going to show you exactly how I made this change, so you can see the changes you have been wanting in your life in a quick and easy way.

Join me at "Powered By Pleasure"

This Half-Day Intensive perfect is for you, IF: 

- You want to be ‘“that’” woman who can hold people’s attention – personally and professionally.

- You want to be recognized and appreciated for what you do.

- You want to stop “going through the motions” in life and start feeling more radiant, productive and energized.  

- You spend too much time “in your head” so you feel a lot of fear, doubt or even anxiety. 

- You want to be more articulate and express yourself in ways that have people understand the power and beauty that you are.  

I don’t want you to end up being one of those women who ignores the signals and ends up miserable, sick, bored, discontent and full of regret and frustration from being on a path that you know is slowly killing your spirit. 

Let’s get together for a fun and empowering day of learning to “turn on” your magnetic presence anytime you want. You will be able to walk into any room and light it up.


Sure, I’d heard advice along these lines plenty of times before: 

“Trust your intuition” “Love yourself” “Get in touch with your body” “Be present”  

Yes, that all makes logical sense, but it is much easier said than done.


and I knew what all those things actually felt like versus just agreeing with them on a cerebral level, I had a different kind of understanding. I can’t wait to share the best of what I’ve learned from the practices that have made all the difference for me. 


Saturday, April 7th


10AM – 2PM


Nativo Lodge Albuquerque, NM  


Early bird $33 (Until March 17th) Regular $49

Join me at "Powered By Pleasure"


And START knowing that YOU can be THAT woman who takes a stand and makes her mark on the world. Make Your Presence Known.

Be the living definition of Magnetism: Having the power to affect others with the delight and enjoyment you take in yourself.

Join me at "Powered By Pleasure"